Our strategies have culminated in the most efficient and compliant distribution platform in the industry today.

Doing Business The Right Way

Working with our Partners, we continue to make strides to restore consumer confidence in the financial services industry and better protect their interests by helping meet their individual needs for retirement simply, effectively.   Innovation Design Group has an extensive vetting process and only partners with organizations that have a focus on delivering on consumer needs the right way.

The culmination of the above creates unprecedented cost savings versus the "old way" of doing business. These cost savings are put directly into products and services for our Partners to provide to advisors and their customers.

There’s a reason our Distribution Partners are so successful at what they do and how they do it.

  • Extensive producer training
  • Administrative support and cursory Suitability reviews before sending to the carrier
  • Our exclusive distribution opportunity compels Marketing Organizations to be selective in the producers they choose to sell the product
  • Business is scrubbed and arrives at the carrier an average of 96% in good order, versus the industry average of about 36%.

We further achieve excellence in efficiency at the Carrier level

  • We help implement onboarding strategies with the carrier at a fraction of the cost of legacy carrier processes
  • Employ about 25% of the administrative staff that other carriers do because of the efficiency of our model
  • Our products provide such compelling financial solutions, and our average application size is twice that of the industry average
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