We took a fresh, innovative approach to building products and distribution strategies that enabled companies to thrive in an ever-changing economic climate.

How IDG Started

After the “Capital Crunch” of 2008, we took a hard look at how the industry was doing business. There had to be a better strategy that would allow us to be more nimble to meet the changing needs of carriers, distribution and their producers and consumers in any environment. We wanted to control our own destiny and provide a competitive, sustainable advantage for our partners.
IDG has successfully broken in the mold in the insurance industry. With each of our relationships, we work closely with our partners to adapt each strategy to effectively work within and enhance their existing model.

Making Connections for Success

Custom product and distribution strategies

Using unique strategies tailored for each relationship, we collaborate with our carrier and distribution partners to identify their individual goals. We then work with our actuarial support team and investment bank partners to build custom product and distribution strategies that we help implement for their mutual success.
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